Writing a comedy routine.

I’m not the world’s best writer so it takes me awhile to make 3 minute routine. I’m the kind of writer that needs to be inspired. When some idea comes to me I write it in my phone, tablet or on paper sometimes my ideas don’t make sense but I write them out anyway cause I can always use that for something. Editing also tales a lot of work but I try not to get discourage and if I need help I can always ask. All comics need help sometimes even the most famous ones. But I do get discourage sometimes and don’t write anything for weeks just like with this blog it took me weeks after my first blog to write this one. But when my routine is together I go over it for a month before I can perform it, if it’s a brand new routine. Then performing it on stage makes writing worth it.
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Awkward as a kid

The beginning, when I was a kid I was really shy but I always loved to make people laugh. That was the only way I could be social but I never thought about it as a career. I always said I would never do public speaking. Then 28 years later I thought about being in the comedy field so I started doing improv. It was fun but it’s a lot harder than being a comedian you have to bond with your improv group to be successful. I met a lot of wonderful people doing improv but it wasn’t for me. After doing improv Well I seriously thought about being a comedian so I picked out a date and started writing. The writing part I think is harder than being on stage. So I did two stand up routines and the American comedy club it was ok. Then I wanted to write better so I started taking writing workshops at the national comedy club. Taking those worships helped and I would suggest to anyone to take writing classes / workshops.